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Apexi Power Intake

Apex Power Intake incorporates a newly developed material (layer filter of dry density fibers) which improves the element density. This allows maximum protection from foreign materials entering the engine. Compared with past model, the Power Intake has also succeeded in decreasing its ventilation resistance by about 10% (pressure loss) for maximum performance and protection. The Power Intake is a dry-type filter, making it trouble free. Some of the problems associated with wet type cleaners, such as oil sticking to the air flow meter, is a thing of the past. The Power Intake is basically maintenance free. Filter replacement, when necessary, can be done at a very low cost.

91-95 MR2 (turbo) $139.95

HKS Super Mega Flow Kit

hks intakeHKS Super Mega Flow Kit produces smoother and more even airflow with increased velocity for optimal air/fuel atomization, which result in increased throttle response, horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency.

91-95 MR2 200mm (turbo) $159.95
91-95 MR2 200mm (non-turbo) $189.95
Replacement Filler element (200mm) $25.00

K&N Fipk Kit

K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK) replace your restrictive factory air filter for a higher flowing K&N cone filter. The kits include a nylon structure intake pipe to dissipate heat for cooler inlet temperatures. FIPK K&N filters are pre-oiled and ready to use. With the use of the K&N Cleaner Kit, they can be cleaned when dirty and reused. The K&N Filter filters feature a 10 Year / Million Mile Limited Warranty.

91-95 MR2 turbo $159.95


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